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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  December 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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((russell)) clowns. they're creepy. you're in for compromised. people doing it possibly the u.s. government. the new rule that allows the feds to peek inside your hard drive. surviving the holidays without the weight gain. our fitness expert is how it maybe an as easy as grab a friend. >> and good thursday morning. we almost made it through the work week. thank goodness.
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she's teasing. that was that. that was unnecessary. >> okay. i bring down my enthusiasm. thank you so much. until tomorrow. then you bring it right back up again. 73 degrees. it's warm. couple degrees below or normal high. it's warm, it's muggy. all going to change. all going to change. and first things first. let's get rid of fog most really about all of it gone in hernando county. still showing that quarter mile visible in brooksville. breaking apart. not much unfortunately. you have a couple of showers up there in crystal river. once we get beyond that, later today, the winds will shift to the northwest. and then drag in cooler, dryer air. already 77 degrees in brandon. high today's around 79. tomorrow much drier. absolutely gorgeous. high of 76. >> all right. dave, thank you. >> 9:0 one. and looks like our slower spot still going fob i-4 westbound
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scene. it's been on shoulder for a little while now still just dealing with some of it. good news just a trooper at this point. do remember your move over law. and the fact that you might see some delays lingering in the area. it looks whole lot better as far as delays. still whole bunch of slow speeds between homosassa where the crash is and i'd say about the area of park road. but you can see after you get past that point heading towards polk county parkway, lot of red is gone. delays are between 5 to ten minutes in this area. white. what you don't want someone else to read never has that been more true. and new rule goes into effect u.s. government to hack your computer or smart phone. >> the justice department pushed for this rule. they say it's a way of combatting terrorism. bad guys will infect computers and communicate to each other. it is called bot nets. feds say in order to keep up technical changes, they need to
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warrants. the old rule required federal agencies to get a search warrant in every single district where there's a computer they need to hack. well, you can imagine the time and the labor that that takes. there was last minute move yesterday in senate to stop this rule from taking effect. but that bipartisan effort failed. critics which include big tech companies google say this already hurts americans who were already victimized by hackers and then they will victimized again by the u.s. government. proponents of government could damage not only physical computer or smart phone, but also the destroy any data on that device. and remember it goes into effect today. federal agents are supposed to make a reasonable effort to notify people if their device was hacked by government. critics say that part of the rule is weak and many americans won't even realize their computers are compromised. a new and scathing report from a congressional watch dog.
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student loan repayment. the report says it will cost taxing payers twice a much anticipated change allow grads to repay loans based on the percentage of their current salary rather than a standard repayment plan. now originally white house said it would cost about $25 billion to do this. people would feel relief and return spur the economy. that's what they wanted. however government accountability office gao is now estimating new rule repayment will cost taxpayers $53 billion. congress is making efforts to reign in the program. limit it to new undergrads. president-elect trump said he would continue with the program. remains to be seen if this new information might change his mind. tuesday's protests. a day of destruction. workers protesting for higher wages. the fight for 15 is made up of fast food worker service workers
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child care worker credit irk believe parts pans protesting them solelies out job now more evidence they may be right an ex executive at company pushing for more kiosks like these in all of their stores. he says earlier in november, the mcdonald's released a video to show franchise owners how kiosks helps bottom line. he argues cost of labor moving more companies not mcdonald's to kiosks rather than using critics argue that people tend to spend more when ordering from kiosk. but whatever your reason you will seeing more and more of these kiosks in fast food restaurants. mcdonald's is not alone earlier this year wendy's is also putting in kiosks and will most likely have mostly automated tellers by middle of next year. >> florida may once again lead the nation in people using obamacare for their health insurance. so far, in the four weeks since open enrollment began more half million people in our state
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policies and renewals. one and a half million on government healthcare program. that as we said the led nation. new push in tallahassee to get mo people to vote jeff clem enproposed a law that ooktcally register people when they renew or get a driver's license. but whether or not it become as law is questionable. republican control statehouse and senate have long fought for automatic voter registration. beginning today, president-elect trump will begin tour. and he and his running mate mike pence will start in indiana. vice-president's home state. it is there where at carrier air conditioning company is head quartered. today they will unveil a deal made between the company the state and incoming administration to keep manufacturing plant in the united states. keep those jobs. about a thousand of them.
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we've got live picture to show you from hillsborough county jail we're waiting for trevor duel to be freed. he was originally convicted for shooting and killing david james in 2010 an argument over skateboarders on basketball court near dooley's home. dooley appealed his conviction he's going to get a new trial. and a judge yesterday gave him bond while he awaits that trial. so now, just waiting. lit up the night sky. a huge fire that just crushed the dream of it's the winston park rec center in clair-mel. it is gone. and shayla has been there all morning long. still trying to figure out i guess those people who live in neighborhood are still trying to come to grips with this, right. you'rably right investigators are going to have to sift through all of the debris as pew work to determine the cause of the fire. you're seeing a look right now down destin drive.
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3 o'clock in more than an early morning blaze kept firefighters busy but folks right here in the community, certainly heartbroken and definite stated by what they've seen here throughout the last several hours. you're looking a some video of the scene that we arrived to. not tampa but hillsborough county fire rescue received a call around 3 o'clock in the morning. and once those firefighters arrived here on location, were dealing with heavy smoke and heavy flames. in some cases really so intense they could not enter the building. they had to fight this fire from the outside. the smoke curling over the trees. we can see it as we travel down across town expressway to get here. but once we were here we had a chance to speak with some of the folks who live in this community. some of them you could hear the sadness in their voices as they talked about what the winston
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them, meant to their neighbors. it was a place where parents could bring their children and know, okay my child is going to be safe here. it was a place that represented hope for others. as a recent renovation project was expected to revive this building where some cases, people were looking at the reality of not even having this building any more. it was a possibly going to be closed. so many people are still trying to make sense of this. and of course there are still lot of questions out there as firefighters and investigators try to determine how the fire actually began. but, one thing that is clear for many of folks that we talked to today, they while they are sad to see this happen, they are hopeful that the project is not lost and that maybe something can done to bring back winston park recreation center in m some way for people who rely on it and depend on it here in this community, guys. back to you.
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it will be back. it will be back. thank you, shayla. tennessee is now officially a clean up mode after nearly 24 hours of drenching rain helped put series of devastating fires in an eastern part of state 7 people are confirmed dead three more bodies were found in ruins yesterday. officials are still working to identify those people. a hotline has set up for people to report missing friends and family. the mayor of gatlinburg says the next step is door to door for people which will take some time. that's major job you have trees down. power lines, you know down. which is some of them are still live. you've got propane tanks leaking. i mean just a multitude of things that you have to consider instead of just everything's fine, you know go in and search. you have to keep it safe. >> officials plan to announce some time today when residents and business owners can return
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well it is officially now the christmas season not only did we turn calendar to december rockefeller tree was officially lit last night. 94 foot norway spruce has 50,000 lights on it. star on top ten feet tall itself. holiday tradition began in 1931 after holidays tree will be donated to habitat for humanity. nice. >> rocke everybody was there. what a show. wow. still ahead a high 5 celebration. thousands of them. we will show you iyou how some students set a guy is in world record. player? or a kid at christmas. vernon hargreaves shows profession will football player. shows us how to play football
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we visit ergle christmas tree farm. but they are more than just trees over there, right? squealing sound like me when i heard about star wars battle drones earlier this morning. i was that excited. russel and jen when iowa kid on back porch usually in macrame hanging basket we always christmas remember those. mom always had christmas cactus. they are gorgeous. you play tuba? right? oh my goodness. she's going to kill you. you played tuba and christmas cactus. >> don't pick on my mother. she's watching and text you naughty things. anyway. they got the christmas cactus on sale here. and real wreaths. say that three times fast. real wreaths here folks.
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tallahassee. it is hard. these wreaths are heading to tallahassee.
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts
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papa john's. ((russell/wipe vo)) in a very cool gesture, bucs quarterback jameis winston says the fans deserve this past sunday's game ball. i lover this. jameis winston says the fans deserve this past sunday's game ball. said he had never heard it so loud inside of raymond james stadium and they deserve part of the credit for sunday's big win. isn't that neat? isn't that neat? >> saying the right things and doing the right things. i love it. i like him more and more every day.
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defense on sunday also came out today. it really was a team win and it look like they were having fun. >> and now we can hear just how much fun they were having. the bucs micced up quarterback vern an hargraves. man he sounds like a kid at christmas. take a listen. i thought i was going he was sacked. baby. >> hey. hey. hey. that's awesome. and he continues like that as well. rally's his defense. he's just a rookie. when you listen to whole 5 minutes of it you see he gets more excited when his teammates make a play. rather than when he makes a play.
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4 o'clock game out there in san diego. i wonder if he knew he sounded like that before he heard it. he might not have. i mean, i wonder what his reaction was first time he heard. that just makes me smile. it does. it does. you know what though sometimes i get a little nervous when they mic players up. you don't know what they are going to say. no i think they add edit a little bit. that is awesome. okay. okay. here's one for you season where we want to be creeped out, one collection knocks college surveyed and found out what creepiest professions are. okay. clowns needless to say are at the top of this list. but there are other creepy jobs as well. and i'm not swiping. can you help? got it? taxi dermest next creepiest. sex shop owner. and then taxi driver you have to
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garbage collector. about in the middle. but further down you go the less creepy the occupation is. like doctor or financial advisor. but, but-- stop. the least creepiest occupation on the list? me. me. a meteorologist. isn't that something that you can celebrate you are the >> jim paul myself are least cree isn't that something you can celebrate you have least creepiest job. you have creepier job than i do. i love it. i thought this was funny. i just had to. i know he's telling me all morning long. less creepier everybody keeps saying. they haven't met you yet, dave. uh-huh. we are not creepy. we're lovable and we're funny. >> yes.
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with showers on sky tour radar. thing is looking what's left at this line there really isn't much. one of those deals you get a quick sprinkle or tien little shower to come through. that's about it. very noncreepy showers coming at us today russell. 73 here. 73 in st. petersburg. 75 in sarasota. our dew points right now are in the 70s. look to the top left hand corner of your screen. you see that yellow? 40s, 50s. even the that is the type of drier air that is headed our way by tomorrow morning. so last muggy one for you for a few. couple of showers, yeah, 20 percent overall rain chance. high near 79. tonight 60 degrees. overnight low as it starts to turn dryer. and really feel that difference tomorrow during the day with sunshine and high of 76 degrees. we will go back to upper 70s for the weekend. but this by monday going to
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82 degrees temperatures. vanessa. all right dave. not creepy showers. huh. i hate to see creepy ones. just stay home i guess. hey, dave i knew you were watching some fog earlier this morning. >> yeah along i-4. we had some in polk county and eastern hillsborough. we've got skyway bridge up i wasn't really expecting to see this towards top we have a whole lot of looks like fog. so reduced vice iblts here make sure you slowing it down. might also be doing some maintenance or road work here on the shoulder. so jus and southbound we're seeing them on both sides a look congestion points here. heading into downtown along 275 and i-4. looks like we have normal congestion here. as you were looking a about 11 minutes to get from bearss to i-4 along 275 eastern hillsborough 14 minutes in that trouble spot we had that earlier crash. buck man to 75 is 14 minutes. you know there are thousands of world records supporting
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elementary school where they broke a pretty cool record. guiness world record to 2711. how many people lined up in high 5ed each other last year. 3800 students here in avian dale beat it? yes. >> we're going to do this. we're going to break a world record. >> how long have you been practicing? >> i've practicing for but, a week and a half. a lot of pressure on you. yo all of this if you messed up it would have been bad. just one high 5. just. high 5. high 5 spirit you travel all way from new york to make sure these kids are doing it right. what are you looking for? so what we're looking for today is no more than ten seconds when making that connection on the high 5. you want it to be fast. we want it to be an actually high 5. good high 5 above your head or at your head. bad high 5 down below.
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yes. they did it. they did it high 5s everyone. high 5s we did it so now what? thisser going to back to class here soon. but a certificate to prove they beat this record. will they make it into big book? still up in the air. guiness tells me they record 45,000 world records. only about 4,000 make it into the book. going to have to wait and see in avian dale, fox news. i hope they make it. a lot more ahead including an easy way to this holiday season but you'll need to socialize. we'll explain a little bit later. speaking holidays. no one gets us ready better than ergles more than just trees. wreaths swag and lot of flowers and charley coming up next after
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of.
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good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from ergle christmas tree farm just outside of dade city. they go tons of trees real ones in ground. sand pines of carolina is a fires you cut down yourself and take home all fraizer fur and all varieties you think of classic christmas trees shipped down from up north. and tony i of times out of clippings from the trees that you get in. fresh made wreaths. really gorgeous. you can get them plain or decorated. different sizes. you can plain and add bows to them different cutting we put inside the wreaths. very pretty. this one going to commission of agriculture. fresh from florida. tallahassee called and awe they want more of my trees. did they request wreath also.
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fresh from florida on there. this is for governor rick scott. governor rick scott and family. look at that. i do like the moss and very florida feel to that. that's it. you also where do you get christmas cactus. those come from apop can. up i've brooig christmas cactuses from them for several years. those are gorgeous. what's the best care for those? we give you a complete care sh successful cactus list pretty much back doored indirect sunlight in shade and everyone has a care sheet on it thing about xrooms cactus they bloom every year. i have some old ones that i sit in my flower bed on north end of the house they don't get very much sun every year i know it's type i look out they've got little buds on them. tony always a pleasure my friend. open every day until what? >> 9 to seven every day until santa claus lands. and i want to show adjacent
9:27 am
rabl this is what they do when the if tree comes in and kind of ugly or missing something, yeah they will save it for wreath parts. and then clippings here, you might say russell, yeah. that their wreath cycling. wreath cycling here. say it one more time. say it one more time. wreath cycling. i say i say russ, they're wreath cycling. i was really proud of that. it's good. it's good. i just wanted to make certain everybody, everywhere heard >> yeah. shirt sleeves and christmas trees. wreath cycling to i'm still working on country song. not coming together quite well. i'm working on it ladies and gentlemen you're seeing such sadness right now. all right. take a bow. that deserve as bow. come on. come on. there you go. there you go. all right. get out of here. go. go. get out of here. i'll see you be safe coming home my friend.
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holiday season lots of extra calories but i love it when their mics are still on it
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((jen//2shot)) the gunman accused of killing the gunman accused of a killing a police officer in washington state u dead and a long stand off is over. this an update to story we've following all morning long. about an hour ago s.w.a.t. team shot and killed gunman who had been holed up in a house in tacoma, washington with two children. children are okay. late yesterday an officer
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shot and killed. that led to stand off surrounding neighborhood was put on lockdown throughout entire ordeal. a charleston, south carolina jury starting second day deliberations murder trial michael slager former police officer was caught on video shooting a black man 8 times after a traffic stop. walter scott was killed. he is claiming self-defense. if convicted of murder, he faces 30 years to life in prison. but if he's involuntary man slaughter ear would face up to 30 years. >> in north carolina, protest erupt overnight after officials clear ad police officer in fatal shooting a black man. officer brently vincent also black shot and killed keith scott back in september. officials say he had a gun and refused to drop it. scott's family said he was reading a book at the time. district attorney says vincent acted in self-defense afterwards hundreds gather outside police department at least 4 arrets
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will return. the storms that caused all that damage yesterday caused more destruction last night. at least 13 tornadoes have been confirmed throughout the entire southeast parts of alabama, louisiana, mississippi, tennessee, and georgia. >> at least 5 people have died. dozens of homes, barnes and businesses destroyed. this is video from cobb county, georgia roofs mangled light poles knocked over. cars crushed by i am out sweating out here. oh, stop it. really, no. you sound like me. so humid outside. it so humid outside. >> i'm starting to sweat just standing. that is going to change in a matter of hours. we're going to change the air mass on you. okay. we just got to get this cold front squeezed through. brandon by the way is already close to 80 degrees wesley chapel is 74.
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75 in sarasota. look at the difference. all you do go do gainesville. 64 degrees. 57 tallahassee. plus, look at this, dew did points run thing 70 to 72. that's summertime stuff. then on the other side of that front, dew point is 42 in tallahassee. watch what happens the forecast dew points based on computer models here we are now with dew points close to we'll stop in tomorrow morning 8 o'clock. look at the difference. dew points will be in mid 40s. so that's the time of change that we're talking about. bringing that kind of drar air in. maybe maybe a shower as we bring that front through over next few hours. but you also see is going to good deal of cloud cover to go along with this front as well. so it sets up like this warm, going to be humid. really most of the rest of the
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probable. highs close to 80 degrees. then tonight, drier air come rushing right in feel nice. overnight low near 60 degrees tomorrow should number mid 70s a normal early december day, its going to feel much, much drier tomorrow. with high of 76 degrees. if you plan on boating this afternoon, check back in with us on fox 13 news at noon. check back in with jim. winds shift a little bit i don't don't want you to be caught off guard. moderate chop expected overall next 7 days upper 70s. no doubt about that. saturday and sunday, and then slowly the mugginess just doesn't want to giver up as it creeps back in for monday, tuesday and wednesday. we do have a few first birthdays on this december 1st to pass along your way. we will start with fisher. turning one today. he loves to play with trucks, loves to bounce on the
9:35 am
sisters. happy first birthday little buddy. todd is turning one today. look at that smile. he loves watching football and basketball. dancing oh and here's a new one. he loves chewing on mommy and daddy's phones. happy firth birthday. that's a new one. a pair of twins are having their big day today even though they are twins they are very different. they both enjoy being outside and taking stroller rides. happy first birthday to two you. finally smiling turning one today. he loves to dance, loves to listen to music. and loves to watch sesame street. happy first birthday each and every one of you vanessa. oh my those are cute pictures. happy birthday guys. and you know the last report we were watching problems on a bridge. skyway bridge we had a lot of fog reported near top carol there. we have another bridge that has, a live look in westbound direction of courtney campbell causeway area bay port that's
9:36 am
of the lanes just single lane in right-hand side will be passing. we do have delays back towards the veterans expressway area. so plan a few extra minutes if you have to head this way easily avoid take hillsborough that won't throw you too far off your course probably do so. i don't have alove with big mac. burger iconic and many have tried to copy it sad news this morning about the man who invented this is jim delgado from pittsburgh. created big mac in 1965. they say it's somewhat of a success. somewhat. it was on national menu a year later. it became the signature sandwich for the chain. haur didn't like the idea of two all beef pa stees special saucic pickle onions on sesame seed bun
9:37 am
burger would too messy without it. he did not get any royalties for big mac he joked towards end of his life but he did get a plaque for it. >> and he owns franchie too. go. and we found out he had a one of those once a week for pretty much his whole life, right? lived to 98. and so that's what does that say? stop preaching to me about fast food shakes people. tell me not to eat that. tocc may stop making cigarettes. wow. lauren simonetti has reason behind the move a little later. plus, in the desert and it's still edible. and in holiday spirit. huge gingerbread village of sea creatures. and a live look at the board on wall street. i'm seeing it up 30 points. we'll back.
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sure, you could sit around all night waiting for a pizza to be delivered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend.
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((jen/wipe vo)) they're here. the holidays. along with all the festivities comes the holiday parties.. whether personal or
9:41 am
taking in a bunch of extra with if you're not careful you know what happens. you wind taking in bunch of extra calories. this might be cutest segment i've ever seen. we've got an gilbert with shapes with us this morning. and you've got debby and mary. >> yeah. debby and mary. so you've got a holiday party survival kit. right. each year we talk about sipping a little less. drinking a little less. eating smaller staying away from buffet line. today i wanted to talk about strategies incorporate a buddy. we do want to hit survival challenge. buddy style. russell. buddy. he'll be my buddy. want to be my buddy. so this always think about having to eliminate stuff because you know stuff is out there. you're going to stuck at the party. food will be there. so instead, be more proactive. join a gym now. do not wait until january.
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great rates. holiday parties. i'll be your buddy. so if you join the gym now, great affordable rates. parties to keep from stressing and loneliness. and yep. yep. don't forget to bank your minutes. if you still happen to miss a personal training session you miss yoga class, because of time challenge with holidays, you can bank your minutes take ten minutes extra time walk around block. bank your minutes. oh bank them up during the ek that's what these guys are doing a buddy. so they are journalling together to keep even each other accountable. we have to save same journal. we have to share everything all your strategies planning to be successful. if is good strategy. really is. they are going to journal. share their journal. and this year, one the big is trends to start a privately social media group and daily share your strategies. give each other ideas.
9:43 am
calories yes. but how to. what's going to be in your secret group. i never felt so bad as i do right now. um, um, who we going to let in? yeah. moody gets in walter's in. moody's in dave's in they will keep themselves accountable you will keep yourselves more accountable and a wear worrying less about challenges of extra food and c everywhere. and e. any chance you get high intensity burns more calories shorter period of hiit. so this is our med ball. this is med ball. they are going to do a very aggressive using all large muscle groups of back and chest and legs. and they are going to incorporate the high intensity
9:44 am
worst exercise on planet. burns a lot of calorie modified position for me would to be walk back leg left. but that's a buddy training. get it. sorry. keeping each other accountable. show me high knees for cardio spurts. as partner holding themselves accountable. ten seconds at a time. ten seconds and then take a rest. take a re back to push ups so in between those high spurts. high spurts of calorie burn, i know. i had to pull them in 5 russell. 5. he's on few hours of sleep. back up to high knees mary. let's see next spurt high intensity interval training. you killed my partner. you're late. all right. now. all year this year we've talking planking, right plank challenges show me a buddy plank.
9:45 am
yourself in and out of the gym. bank minutes of exercise. that's cute. right. and staying under tension for longer period of time. 70 percent more accountable way to survive holiday challenges. >> that's a great idea. i love it. you guys russell. and if you were. he's on like three hours. that's my excuse. you have tendency to eat more calorie. three 00 to you're not rested. we got to go speaking holidays gingerbread under the sea. we'll explain what all this is a little later on.
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((russell//live pix)) here's another live picture of the board on wall street. adlib o another live picture of board on wall street. look at that. i mean, come on. well, this is crazy what's going on with the markets. >> and lauren simonetti is incredible stuff. hey, lauren. >> numbers the best or second best month of the year for stocks. depending oh what major average you look at. we're at 800 points away from 20,,000 start looking right now on my had goldman sachs says market going up first quarter of next year. i do have until first quarter of next year you think? you this think it will happen? three extra months.
9:49 am
you about this philip morris story. because i think it's fascinating. about cigarettes. philip morris makes cigarettes. yeah. marlboro parliament. and they are moving away from those cigarettes. getting into something like an e-cigarette. essentially a device that heats not burns so you get feeling like you are smoking and you're not exactly smoking. investing $3 billion in this product. should hit the next year. the krvrment eo acknowledging that there are health risks with smoking and other products are very popular right now. so they are coming out with their own. >> what happens to those brands then? are they going to keep making them? >> no. i guess i imagine they keep making them i imagine along the way, people are going to start using these devices, these e sigg devices more and more. they know what's coming.
9:50 am
so long as they don't blow up in your pocket, right? >> good point. very good point. >> very good point. >> yeah. we've number christmas spiritual morning long here on good day. and so we hear santa's home is listed on silly low. 2500 square feet. it was built in 1800s it's going to pretty and charming but so much money to renovate and fix. don't worry they renovate it had three years ago. if you've buy it. that's estimate. three bedroom two bathroom 25 acres. what do you think? i would have thought more. just given it's history i would have thought more given the history. i bet you, i'll bet you i know it's it is north pole. it's access. access keeping that's what keeping price, location, location, location. this is not manhattan does?
9:51 am
upper east side, lauren simonetti? >> 10 zillion dollars. all right. hey we'll see you. okay. >> b just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic.
9:52 am
sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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9:54 am
((jen/2sh)) all over the all over the u.s. we see not just homes but entire neighborhoods decked out for holidays that fun and beautiful some people near one neighborhood in new york are not very jolly about things. this in brooklyn. you can see they go all out with things while people that put up the all this love it others don't. it has become so popular even tour buses come and bring loads of people to stroll the holiday walk. that made traffic crazy. so the city put up no parking signs so the tour buses have no place to park. >> some of that gets rid of most of the nearby parking. but neighborhood says get used to it they are going to keep doing this until somebody officially tells them to stop. tour buses. >> apparently regular gingerbread houses are just too tame for some folks in the christmas spirit in arizona. this is an annual tradition at j w marriott hotel in phoenix.
9:55 am
and yes all of that made from gingerbread icing. and sweet decorations. 900 square feet of sweet treats. this year they used more than 500 pounds of gingerbread. 300,000 pounds of sugar and 1,000 pounds of chocolate to make this under water village. what a sugar rush. yeah. pretty impressive. nice. dave, what are you there. you don't have a/c out there. no it's december why would you need it? because it's hot. it is pretty, it feels like summertime outside right now. it really, really does. it's really going to change quickly. but a couple of showers citrus county, hernando county. that's sprinkles about all we can expect as this front comes through the area. but look at the difference. i mean not only is it going to be cooler tomorrow morning say around 60, but our dew points are going to drop from where
9:56 am
40s by tomorrow morning. so we've got much more refreshing air just hours away. by way it will last right through the weekend. so enjoy it. >> 70s that 55. i'm ready for it. maybe get day to cool down. yeah todays thursday. december 1st. live with kelly coming up next then wendy williams. take care everybody. see you tomorrow. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, film, television, and broadway actor liev schreiber. and from "gilmore girls," matt czuchry. and we continue "live's holiday gift guide" with a look at the plus, from the series "pitch," mark consuelos joins kelly at the cohost desk. all next on "live!" ? ? [cheering and applauding] and now, here are kelly ripa and mark consuelos! [cheering and applauding]


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